Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen Series 02 (2016)
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Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen Series 02 (2016)

10 x 60'
Episode 01 - Murder on Highway 23

Episode 02 - Wrong Place, Deadly Time

Episode 03 - A Deadly Diamond

Episode 04 - A Kid to Kill For

Episode 05 - Shots in the Heartland

Episode 06 - Murder at Yale

Episode 07 - Forever Missing

Episode 08 - And Justice for All

Episode 09 - Kill or Be Killed

Episode 10 - Deadline: Thanksgiving

Emmy-winning investigative reporter Chris Hansen brings his journalistic skills and criminal insight to this newsmagazine series, digging into the depths of unlawful behavior and bringing life to some of America’s most chilling, heart-wrenching homicide cases. Mirroring his breakthrough reporting for “Dateline NBC,” especially exposing hundreds of sexual predators who targeted teenagers online, “Killer Instinct” harnesses Hansen’s passion for uncovering the truth and shedding new light on homicide cases. Using access to key witnesses, loved ones and law enforcement officials, Hansen deconstructs the cases before putting pieces back together. He adds insight drawn from visiting crime scenes, interviewing key players and uncovering archived material.


Avid / Da Vinci Resolve




Discovery Channel (US)


ITN Productions

Programme Length:

60 Minutes


True Crime


Broadcast Television